Forgotten Visions

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Forgotten Visions

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The Divinities, book 1

Published by: Soul Mate Publishing

Kalissa Bradenton isn’t your average coffee shop owner. Born to an elite witch bloodline with a rare genetic mutation, she’s a Divinity on a mission. The death of her parents sends her away from her Maxville, Florida, home and into an ancient war between witches and demons. When childhood friend Ayden Daniels comes to her aid after an almost fatal accident, visions of a past she doesn’t remember sparks an old flame and new desires. With the past slowly becoming clearer, she eagerly sets her sights on mending Ayden’s heart and gaining his trust–until a ghost from her past returns to claim her as his demonic mate.

Ayden, the new Sheriff of Maxville and grandson of the oldest living Divinity, is investigating a series of Divinity killings. When he comes face-to-face with the one woman he hopes to have little to no contact with, old pain rises, quickly followed by anger and resentment. Through his rare power of adaptability, he learns actions from the past may not be what they seem. Hope fills his broken heart and determination pushes him to do whatever it takes to win Kalissa’s heart once more before he loses her forever.

Together they must find the strength to mend their tormented souls, while fighting an evil out to destroy the world.

Reviews and Raves

“I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys a book about witches and discoveries of the unknown. This book is not just a great supernatural witch book, but also a well written love story that will not be forgotten.”

“Lia’s writing draws you in from page one and keeps you there until the very last word. Her characters make you care about them as if they were people you might live near or work with.”

“It’s the first book in her Divinities series, and what a rockin’ start it is! Ms. Davis’ paranormal elements are stunning and her characters are complex and real-to-life. The plot line is breath taking and I was completely captivated from first page to last.”

“Forgotten Visions the first novel in the electrifying new Divinities series by Lia Davis starts off with a bang; has more twists, turns, ups and downs than a back country road through the Smokey Mountains and opens the door to a magical new world.”


A cool sensation passed over Kalissa Bradenton’s subconscious as she entered her bedroom. She shivered, suddenly finding it hard to breathe. Abandonment rose from deep inside to coil around her like a cold watery current. Panic and fear raced in her veins as her heart rate increased alarmingly. Her intuition screamed something was wrong.

She rushed to her dresser, picked up her phone with shaky hands, and dialed her mother’s cell. No answer. With blurred sight, she tried her father’s … it went straight to voice mail. Kalissa’s dread cut through her soul and the bile taste of fear rose in her throat, as hot tears slid down her cheek.

Gods No! She dialed again, and again. Still nothing. It wasn’t like them to ignore an incoming call.

Her parents had driven into Jacksonville for a quiet dinner to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary before sharing their milestone with the coven in the upcoming days. They should have been on their way home.

She staggered back a few steps as images flashed in her mind’s eye, sucking her into the vision. One minute she was in her bedroom, in the next, she stood on the side of a highway. A royal-blue Mercedes barreled past her and flipped repeatedly across the median into oncoming traffic on Interstate 10. Crunching metal cut through the stillness of the night and the broken glass, littering the ground, left a trail to where the car slammed into a large oak tree, and stopped.

When the vision cut off, tightness gripped her chest painfully and a lump stuck in her throat.

Pocketing her cell, Kalissa ran from her bedroom to her twin sister’s room on the other side of the second floor of their family home. She charged into Khloe’s room without knocking. “We have to go. Grab a jacket.”

Kalissa ran down the stairs and grabbed her car keys off the small table next to the door. She turned and met Khloe’s watery teal-colored eyes. They didn’t need to speak out loud. Being magical twins, they shared a psychic bond. The words the other thought lingered between them. Mom and Dad had an accident. The tears threatening to spill over Khloe’s eyelids said she already knew. Instant loss and painful sorrow passed between them. Their Divinity link with their parents cut off, like someone flipped a switch, leaving behind a cold and empty space in their hearts.

A blast of frigid air slapped at Kalissa’s face as she stepped into the frozen January night. Ignoring the icy bite of wind against her skin, she rushed to her car parked a few feet from the front door.

They climbed into the Audi, pulled out of their driveway, and hurried down their street toward the highway as fast as she could safely. A mile down the Interstate, her heart sank at the scene in front of her. Their parents’ car sat half-wrapped around a tree on the side of the road. It was two in the morning and a few cars had stopped along the shoulder. Beams of headlights cut through the darkness. Concerned citizens stood observing the scene in amazement and horror.

Kalissa parked her car on the shoulder, laid her forehead on top of the steering wheel, and closed her eyes. With deep ragged breaths, she called to her Divinity gift of visions. Images of the accident replayed in her mind, this time with more detail.

A man stepped onto the dark highway, illuminated by the headlights of her parents’ Mercedes. The wind blew his long black hair behind him and wrapped the hem of his trench coat around his legs. Startled, her father hit the brakes hard, but they refused to work. He jerked the wheel to the left, hit an icy patch at the edge of the grassy median, and sent the car into a spin. Panic assailed him and he overcorrected. The car slid through the median, hit a dip, and then flipped repeatedly into the oncoming lanes until it hit the large oak. Her parents died on impact.